Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Charles Logan, Needs Help

I wanted my first spoiler for 24 TCG First Edition to be unique and a little off the wall. Charles Logan sure is unique and very much off the wall. Logan was introduced in Day Zero as the iconic character in one of the three Insurgent decks. If you watch the incredible season 5 of 24 you know that Logan is not exactly helping the good guys despite being the Chief of State. However in season 4 (and again later on) Charles Loganw while a little incompetent, isn't only in it for personal gain. He is trying to help stop Habib Marwan, he just isn't very good at it.

This version of Logan represents the season 4 persona. Logan is the President but he does need help. You can sacrifice him to search your deck for a President or Vice President. Right now Logan can help you search for David Palmer, Wayne Palmer, or James Prescott. Eventually that list will grow to include the likes of Noah Daniels, Hal Gardner, or even another version of Charles Logan, not to mention some of the foreign Presidents that show up on 24.

I picked Logan to spoil for two reasons. First is the alternate uniform. Season 5 of 24 is the favorite in the office so most versions of Charles Logan will be Insurgents. However we do love the alternate uniform leeway we're allowed with 24 TCG. With so many characters changing allegiances there will be many characters switching back and forth between CTU and Insurgents, not all the time but enough to keep it interesting. We started it with Mike Novick and a few more get different versions in First Edition. In fact one of them was spoiled at Gen Con.

The other reason I wanted to spoil Charles Logan was his keywords. Some of the keywords in 24 TCG are very easy to understand what they mean and represent, others not so much. Some of the more common questions at Wizard World Chicago and Gen Con Indy were "what does Almeida mean" or "Why doesn't Alexis have the Drazen keyword". I will go over all of the more subtle 24 TCG keywords on my first Designer Blog on Friday. Until then, feel free to speculate what Gifted means, which is actually pretty easy. The hard part is figuring out where it comes from.

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