Monday, August 20, 2007

Gen Con Preview Championship

In the early hours of Sunday morning we crowned our first champion for 24 TCG, the Gen Con Preview Champion. Since the game isn't completely out yet, it is only the Preview Day Zero Tactical Packs it was only the Preview Championship. We'll crown our first World Champion at Gen Con Indy in 2008.

Since I've had this job I've now crowned three Champions at Gen Con Indy and they've all been the same person, Chad Storm. Chad Storm won the first FMA TCG World Championship in 2006, he successfully defended his title on Friday evening to become the 2007 FMA TCG World Champion, and on Sunday morning he was the first 24 TCG Champion.

Chad was able to outlast over 40 players in the swiss event and make the top 4 at the number four seed. Chad defeated Sean Gaboury and then played David Gerspach who had just played Erik Markanian (I will double check the name spelling when I get to the office on Tuesday so I apologize if they're wrong). Chad and David went the full three games, David taking Game 2, Chad winning Game 1 and the deciding Game 3. Erik was playing a mixed Insurgent deck, not really set up to one specialty. Sean was playing a mixed Analyst/Agent deck, Analysts for support and Agents to score points. David was playing a mostly Infiltrator deck with a few strong Insurgents splashed in like Victor Drazen and Habib Marwan.

Chad was playing a straight Terrorist deck with only Sherry Palmer splashed in. I will update both David's and Chad's deck when I get a chance.

Gen Con was great, hope to see you next year.

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Brad said...

But I was told that the terrorist deck was a "horrible" deck.