Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The penultimate Spoiler Day!

For the second to last Spoiler Day I decided I should show off one of my favorite cards. This guy is actually in First Edition but he is one of the rare winner promos and will be given out starting next weekend at Wizard World Chicago. I know the street date for 24 TCG Tactical Packs is August 15 but we'll have limited quantities at Wizard World Chicago starting August 9.

Back to this brutal, game changer. Well there isn't much to say about him, he just kills characters. He won't score you many points but combined with Nina Myers, Mandy, and Shot In The Back you can start knocking off your opponents characters.

I'm still trying to upload some more pictures of San Diego Comic-Con but I'm having a hard time coming up with PG or even PG-13 rated pictures. I guess the naughty nurse and the 50 Resident Evil models in skimpy red dresses impaired my picture taking abilities. Actually I keep leaving my camera at home, I should remember it before too long.

The one thing I am sorry about is missing the camera at key celebrity times. I was giving a demo when Jessica Alba, yes the Jessica Alba (I'll be in my bunk) came by the booth. Other great celebrity sightings by Press Pass at SDCC '07 included Ali Larter, Masi Oka, Steve Carrell, Summer Glau, the entire case of Kyle XY, the entire cast the new Terminator TV show, the entire cast of Bionic Woman, Jamie Bamber, Louis Lombardi, Andre 3000, I'm sure there are others, man I love Comic-Con!

While Jason isn't looking I'll sneak another spoiler. This is actually the first card I wrote for 24 TCG, the Analysts were the deck I wrote first. I knew I wanted them to be able to score points outside of missions and use equipment so why not take advantage of both.

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