Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chad's Storming Terrorists

This is the deck Chad Storm used to win the first 24 TCG Championship. He defeated David 2 games to 1 at about 3:45 in the morning after playing 24 TCG since 11am the day before, what dedication.

Wave of Terror

Habib Marwan, Master Terrorist x2
Sherry Palmer, Out for Number One x1
Nasir Trabelsi, Aggressive Terrorist x2
Dmitri Gredenko, Ultranationalist x2
Hasan Numair, Bomb Specialist x1
Victor Drazen, Mad With Vengeance x2
Masher Abu-Marzuq, Handler x2

Head Shot x2
Dedicated to the Cause x2
Fearless x2

Ak-47 x2
9mm Parabellum x2
Kevlar Vest x2

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