Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Last Spoiler Day

This will be the last Spoiler Day before the release of the Day Zero Tactical Packs next Wednesday. Day Zero is our preview set don't worry, spoilers for First Edition, our big release will start soon. I know, I get sad as well at the end of spoiler season but it also means you get physical product in your hands. Man I love cracking packs.

Now onto the spoiler itself. There isn't much to say really. The M-4 Carbine is a staple in both the 24 show and real world special forces use so it should be for the 24 TCG as well. This card is a beast, adding Lethal to anyone who you feel needs it. Those of you who have done some work with the demo decks know how strong Lethal can be and now anyone can be Lethal.

We're leaving for Wizard World Chicago (mmm...promo cards) tomorrow and then Gen Con Indy after that so make sure to check this blog for all of the cool updates of demos, tournaments, prizes, and of course celebrity sightings ( mmm...Tricia Helfer). If you can make it either show I'm sure you'll have a blast.

I will try to post my Gunslinging decks before Gen Con to give you guys a heads up and give you a better chance to hopefully win a few copies of the elusive Gunslinging promo card. Now I must get back to work and prepare for a nice first class flight tomorrow, flying first class is the only way to travel. Well before I leave here is another spoiler for all of your FMA TCG or LOTR TCG fans.

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