Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wizard World Chicago, Day Two

I do apologize for the lack of an update. I left my camera at the booth because I had to run to dinner with the InQuest and Wizard people and we literally just got back. It was a great crab place somewhere in Chicago but talking shop for 4 hours after the show can be a little tiring. I will give what rundowns I can remember from the 55,000 person Saturday that is Wizard World Chicago.

We had two sealed deck tournaments, one with 8 people and one with 6. One was won by a Jack Bauer deck and one was won by a David Palmer deck.

The constructed tournament had 20 people and a really nice guy from Iowa won the iPod Nano. I really do apologize but I can't remember his name or what deck he was playing.

I played my first three Gunslinging games and won them all. Two of them were pretty big wins for me but one guy took me to the limit. His Terrorists were giving my Infiltrators fits. He was up 12-0 and 19-4 but I was able to come back and win 24-16.

I will have a better update tomorrow.

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