Thursday, August 23, 2007

David's Infiltrating Terrorist Deck

Or are they terrorizing Infiltrators. This is David Gerspach's Gen Con Championship 24 TCG Runner-Up Deck. David mixed Infiltrators and Terrorists along with some of the pumps and high war number cards available in his deck.

Wave of Terror

Habib Marwan, Master Terrorist x1
Nasir Trabelsi, Aggressive Terrorist x1
Mandy, Sexy Assassin x1
Assassin, Shadowy Killer x1
Nina Myers, Professional x1
Kevin Carroll, Alan York x1
Alexis Drazen, Hard to Kill x1
Ahmed Amar, Young and Dedicated x1
Dmitri Gredenko, Ultranationalist x1
Ira Gaines, Mercenary x1
Hasan Numair, Bomb Specialist x1
Victor Drazen, Mad With Vengeance x1

Getting Personal x2
Well Trained x2
Backstabbing x1
Fearless x2

Arm The Nuke x2
Infiltrate CTU x2

M-4 Carbine x1

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