Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A quiet spoiler

With only a week or two until First Edition releases we don't have enough time to give every card type their own week. This week is everything else week. Last week was character week and next week is Elite week, this week you get a glimpse at all of the other cards in 24 TCG, Agendas, Equipment, and Events.

Quiet Kill is one of my favorite cards in First Edition. Lethal is a very strong Trait, some would say the strongest of the four Traits. I think Focused is really good and the other two are very underrated however you can't deny how strong Lethal is and the shift in board position it can create. This card can give Lethal to anyone. Now you're probably not going to win the mission that you use Quiet Kill but you'll probably kill the opposing character.

Make sure to check the other spoilers and my designer blog on Friday, I'll probably have a few more spoilers then.

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