Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tournament Prizes

In the next few weeks we're going to talk a lot about Wizard World Chicago and Gen Con Indy and how great the prizes will be there and those prizes will be great. Let's not forget about the local tournament prizes.

Local tournaments for 24 TCG are free to registered retailers and Tournament Organizers. Each TO or retailer may run one local tournament per week and the prize support will be mailed to the TO or retailer.

The prize support is made up of three cards, one winner card and two participation cards. One of the participation cards goes to the runner-up of the tournament, the other one goes to TO's choice, usually random or something similar.

The winner card will be randomly selected from a pool of six alternate image foil rare cards. The participation cards will be randomly selected from a pool of six alternate image common or uncommon cards. The potential pool of 12 cards (6 rare, 6 common/uncommon) will change every three to six months depending on demand. This will be the only way you can foil versions of these cards.

There will be more details soon on how youc an sign up and run local tournaments. Press Pass is teaming up with Sony Online to create the online tournament site and it should be up and running in August.

As to the picture in this article, he is one of the first four tournament prizes to be given out starting at Wizard World Chicago and into Gen Con Indy. I'll make sure to spoil the other three at a later time. The other eight won't be available until September.

See you at Gen Con or Wizard World Chicago

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