Monday, July 23, 2007


The first Elite card. Why do I get to post the first Elite card for 24 TCG? Well it is 9:00pm and I'm still working, I just left the office an hour or so ago. Why am I working so late, well we have San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, Wizard World Chicago in two weeks, and Gen Con Indy the week after that. Lots of stuff to do in so little time. I figure I can pass my exhaustion onto a little spoiler for you guys. Well enough about why I'm showing you the card, let's talk a little about the card itself.

Mandy is guilty of being a top-down designed card. I try very hard not to write top-down but sometimes it is so much fun. I knew I wanted Mandy to be in the preview set, she is one of my favorite characters in 24 and I wanted her to have a pretty strong and unique ability. The Sexy Assassin is in three seasons, kills numerous people, on and off screen, almost does in two major characters, and shows she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. As a 24 viewer you're never sure if she is alive or dead, when she will come back. Well as a 24 TCG player you can be sure she isn't really dead and will always come back. Her ability is very strong and mixed with the fixed Nina Myers can allow Nina to really start eliminating the competition. There are a few other cards that combo pretty well with her but we don't want to spoil them just yet.

Hopefully you'll find Mandy in one your Tactical Packs on August 15, yes that is right. 24 TCG releases three weeks from Wednesday at game stores everywhere. Make sure to ask your local game store to carry 24 TCG.

I'm off to San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, I brought a few spoilers with me so when I get a chance to update the show I'll make sure to give some more spoilers, make sure to check back all week.

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