Wednesday, July 11, 2007

David Palmer, Man of Integrity

Today is Wednesday which is typically spoiler day and today starts the first spoilers for 24 TCG.

I'm lucky, I get to spoil David Palmer, one of my favorite characters in 24. David Palmer is also one of the best cards in 24 TCG. He is key to any Statesman or President based deck you want to make. He has a skill of 3 and Expert so when he gets going he can easily score you 4 points a turn. His reusable ability (provided you have enough time) to lower opponents War values will make sure he wins most missions he is involved in. He has Politics so he can use key cards like 25th Amendment and Veto. Other characters like Mike Novick and Lynne Kresge will also help President Palmer to victory.

This David Palmer is only available in the Statesman pack of the Tactical Packs released in August. He will have a regular version and a foil version in each Statesman deck. Make sure to check other sites because the main character in all six Tactical Packs are being spoiled today, some might be harder to find than others.

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