Wednesday, July 18, 2007

24 Hours

It is Agenda Week with the 24TCG spoilers and I wanted to show off our only Agenda promo, at least to start. I will have more information on promo cards as we get closer to launch but for now let's spend time on 24 Hours.

This is a promo card to be given out starting at Gen Con Indy in August. We will continue to give it out at conventions and events Press Pass attends where we have at least 24 hours of events scheduled. The way to earn this promo is to play in at least 24 hours worth of events during the convention or special event we attend. It is as simple as that.

For those that can't attend our bigger events and the large conventions we will have a 24 Hour month in 2008 for stores to offer the same prize. For 24 TCG most of the promos will be non-exclusive gameplay. The only exclusive gameplay promos will be ones given out in mass, like cards inserted into a DVD set or the participation card for the world-wide Spec Ops Pre-Release in January. Almost every other promo will be either alternate image, AI foil, or AI preview. That means that people who can't participate in the events can still get the gameplay on each card if not the foil or alternate image. 24 Hours is an AI preview, 24 Hours will be printed in an upcoming set with a different image but you can get yours first starting at Gen Con Indy in August.

See you at Gen Con!

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