Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Elite Week!

It is Spoiler Day and Elite Week and that means it is an Elite Spoiler! Okay, I know that was not very exciting but I just got off a plane after a two day trade show. I'm tired but so much stuff to do to get First Edition ready to ship, plus I had to come in and give out the spoilers.

Who doesn't like William Devane, I mean really, he is great as James Heller. I picked on some of the messageboard users a few weeks about the potential of an upcoming James Heller card. Most major characters will be introduced as an Elite first (just ask Tony) and then in a set or two later that character will be given the full range of cards. James Heller is another example.

Heller is the Secretary of Defense which means he usually sends other people to do his dirty work. The Special Forces team that takes out the evil Insurgents is under orders from the SecDef but the SecDef isn't sharing the harm. Send in the 1 Skill Agent and have him go unblocked, bam switch to James Heller and get 4 points instead. Know your opponent has two Head Shots, let them play one and then switch to Secretary Heller and make sure that mission remains opposed. There are a ton of ways to take advantage of Heller's unique ability.

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